Fencing Products

Sheehy Fencing Products

Post & Panel Fencing

We supply and install a large range of post and panel fencing depending on your security/screening requirements. As for the panels, we provide you with three main options – plain concrete, Rock-face Panels and a range of timber panels, for a more aesthetically pleasing finish. All units, including the timber panels are manufactured to the highest quality and installation times are usually very short.

Post & Rail

Timber post and rail fencing is one of the most attractive and effective fences you can put on your property. All our timber post and rail fences are manufactured to a very high specification and specially treated to ensure a long service life.

Chain Link

Known for its strength and durability, chainlink is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available. Chainlink Fencing must be erected on strong supports, preferably in concrete and with supporting wires strained as tight as possible. If these requirements are met, the erected chainlink fence will provide long and trouble free service.

Picket Fence

A picket fence is a variety of fence that has been used mostly for domestic boundaries. It is particularly popular in the United States. Often the fence is painted white (or whitewashed) and made of wood. The style is characterized as short with a tapered or pointed top on evenly spaced vertical boards, called pickets.

Security Fencing

As the first line of defence around an organisation’s premises, perimeter security fencing is an effictive security measure. Security Fencing is extensively used around the pertimiters of homes, schools, commercial and industrial properties. We can provide solutions for most business and domestic requirements.


Patio slabs are perfect for areas where a non-slip surface is required. Perfect for walkways, or patios around pools. Its ease of installation and clean symmetrical look will compliment any garden. Patios are available in plain stone or colours


Kerbing is used around the edge (or part of the edge) of driveways to make the border look more distinctive. It also helps to keep back lawns or flower beds that may be spilling onto the driveway.